A fascinating day starts at Eureka - the gateway of fun where the experience shifts back and forth in time with the magnificence of the Mughals, the majesty of Mauryas, and the rugged charms of the Wild West.

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Kerala Palm Street
Princess Street
Temple Street
Hotel Sitara Street
Highway Street
Hawa Mahal Street

Streets for Shoot Locations

It's a treat to shoot in the wide range of streets that are across Ramoji Film City, such as Highway Street, Kerala Palm Street, Princess Street, Temple street, Hawa Mahal Street, and picturesque gardens and avenues that are a part of the fictional universe.

Ramoji Movie Magic

At Ramoji Movie Magic, you can witness the unique filmmaking process. It takes you on a beautiful journey that demonstrates the creation of special effects and explains the amazing techniques that bring movie sets, locations, characters, and roles to life.

At Ramoji Movie Magic – the entertainment zone offers unique shows, be part of ACTION – the interactive live show that gives insights into the basics of filmmaking, FILMI DUNIYA – the captivating dark ride into the world of fairytale, SPACE YATRA – where a ready-to-launch spacecraft awaits you for a voyage into the galaxy and the sci-fi adventure. Don’t miss the Blacklight Show, which is a seamless blend of live performances by artists in blacklight costumes and creative animation.

Filmi Duniya

Welcome to Ramoji Film City Filmi Duniya, where one needs no visa to travel across continents. The craft and creativity hoodwink a sense of reality. Hence, when you are amidst the sets of Ali Baba and Chalis Chor or stroll through the manmade cities of Paris, it will take a pinch to make you realize that you are in the magic world!!!!

Space Yatra

A ride that will take guests out of the world. A fictitious world created to take guests on the ride of space. To fully comprehend how a space voyage feels, one must actually experience one. From avoiding meteorites from hitting the rocket to attacking enemies who are trying to kill, feel the journey of being in a rocket that glides away through a thrilling and turbulent ride into space.

Hawa Mahal

The sprawling garden is modelled on the Rajasthani theme. The garden with strong medieval overtones presides over the exquisite spread. It’s from where one can have a bird's eye view of the entire Ramoji Film city!

Kripalu Caves

Kripalu Caves narrates the diversified religions & history of Kalinga Mardhan & Bodhisattva. The tranquility attained after viewing the Buddha sculptures is beyond description. View the artwork created by Budha and Kalinga Mardan in red sandstone.

Located at the rear of the hall is a large shrine of Buddha preaching the three divine jewels which steal away your heart to the divinity of Buddham Sharanam Gacchaami, Dharmam Sharanam Gacchaami, and Sangam Sharanam Gacchaami. This is a must-visit as you emerge from a magnificent jewel of art & religion.

Live Stage Shows

While strolling in Ramoji Film City and feeling euphoric about varied experiences, imagine a band of wonderful dancers thronging the visitors and breaking into flash dance with blaring music. We ensure that your mood becomes enlivened and out of the world.

Godless Temple

The temple with carved pillars, porch and winding stairs, complimented by a terraced platform in the midst of greenery portrays a flawless look. The most striking thing about the temple is that there is no God in its sanctum sanctorum.


The majestic Bhagavatham Set with a dazzling display of characters drawn from the ancient Indian epic; holds onto the matchless aura of mythological grandeur and is the finest representation of the epic of yore revered by millions.

Wild West Stunt Show

Action Action Action !! Wild West Stunt Show at Ramoji Film City is an action-packed stunt performance by professional stunt artists. Witness the thrill of a live stunt show in action as villains get into gunshots, brawls, and heroes bashing them black & blue. Watch our stuntmen pull off aerial jumps and bullet thuds that will leave our guests thrilled and amazed at the edge of their seats.

Railway Station

The railway station with an engine and two coaches can be transformed into any station as per the script and story. It looks so real with a foot bridge, booking counter, waiting rooms, big wall clock and arrival and departure charts.

Central Jail

The jail set with cramped spaces, long hallway and of course the dark dingy cells and giant keys offer the perfect ambience for a jail scene. Surrounding the set is a gigantic wall and barbed-wire fencing that make it look more authentic.


Film stories are built around dramatic events where characters fly and land in exotic locations. Ramoji Film City serves the scripts with an incredible airport set that is complemented by a realistic exterior facade, lounge and other props.

Vintage Cars

Enjoy your Cinemagic tour and go all vintage with some of the rare vintage cars that are on exhibition in Ramoji Film City. The evergreen beauty of Ramoji Film City and the timeless appeal of vintage cars make it a perfect place to click pictures and create memories with your family and friends.

Eyelusion Gallery

Film City Tour

Tour behind the scenes of the Live Film Studio to explore Tollywood & Bollywood’s most famous back-lot in the world’s largest Film City.