Eco Tour

At Ramoji, eco tours are educational tours for school children where they get close to nature, and learn about different birds, butterflies, and plants of the region and their relationship to the ecosystem, thereby bringing education to life.

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Farm Tour
Farm Tour
Farm Tour
Farm Tour
Farm Tour
Farm Tour

Edutainment Tour

It is here where the fun of learning and entertainment attract schools and colleges from all over India. Celebrating the spirit of childhood, the holiday destination with rolling dream avenues, lush gardens, cheering fountains and elements of fairytale woven into its exclusively designed entertainment zones enthuse children ceaselessly. Edutaining trips are tailored to suit the fun and learning objective of students, host of attractions, colourful shows, rides, games, bird park and farm tour await them.


The sprawling wonderland of Ramoji Film City currently hosts to a wide variety of butterflies in a dedicated park. The 7,200 square feet butterfly enclosure is a dedicated laboratory featuring countless exotic species of butterflies in thousands of colours. Our guests are introduced to the aspects of conservation and the usefulness of butterflies.

The display area has 20 panels that depict the facts and fiction related to the butterflies. This display area is of immense educative and informative value to the visitors and aims to sensitize people about the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect the butterflies as part of the ecosystem.

VAMAN: The Bonsai Bonanza

Aptly named as VAMAN meaning ‘Dwarf,’ is a delightful, collection of over 150 Bonsai plants is quite an eye-opener for those who are keen on flora and especially Bonsai culture. The display includes 86 Genera, 132 species and cultivars cutting across the plant kingdom, all arranged in suitable stands, labeled with scientific as well as common English / vernacular names. The area is well landscaped with lawns, pathways, fountain and a few flowering and foliage plants.

Colors Garden

Be it indoor plants or seasonal flowering annuals, perennials or some with foliage value, it is ensured that the terraces bloom with springtime freshness, with all care taken. Colors is a string of beautiful terrace gardens spread over 15000 square feet area with invigorating plants and flowers. In an interesting display area with a delightful mix of seasonal and perennial plants, it replicates an urban environment while carrying out meaningful experiments with tribute to Nature – which makes it quite informative and educative for the Nature enthusiasts.

Under the direct observation of a team of horticulturists, several terraces, convenient pathways, displays, varieties of plants are being nurtured.

Film City Tour

Tour behind the scenes of the Film Studio to explore Tollywood & Bollywood’s most famous backlot in the world’s largest Film City.