Studio Tour

Travel through the Live Studio where your favourite celebrities have shot their movie scenes. Our vintage tour bus takes you on a trip of everlasting memories.

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Backlot Tour
Filmi Duniya
Bahubali Set
Kripalu Caves
Bird Park

Cinemagical Experience

The moments created on the silver screen capture millions of hearts and fancies! There is always a desire to feel, and experience the cinematic charms and glamour of the make-believe world. The tour of the World's largest film city gets you up close to the locations where many memorable blockbuster films have been shot. And where your favourite Stars exuded flamboyant charms!

Movie Sets Experience

The saga of spellbinding cine-magic unfolds, as you step into the sprawling vistas, grand mansions, modern cityscape, rural setting, marketplace, foreign street, and many more. It's a true variety of sets and locations that have been part of the fictional creation. You will be captivated by the realistic sets of Zamindar's Haveli to downtown London as well as the railway station, airport, jail, hospital, and trendy pub. The experience would become truly iconic, as you land up in the blockbuster Bahubali set.


Tour behind the scenes of the Live Film Studio to explore Tollywood and Bollywood’s most iconic locations in the world’s largest Film City. What makes trips to Ramoji Film City even more enjoyable is the wide range of different packages that we offer.

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Film City Tour

Tour behind the scenes of the Film Studio to explore Tollywood & Bollywood’s most famous backlot in the world’s largest Film City.