Exhilarating Rides

It’s the moment of pure thrills that make one truly alive! Nothing like getting onto a ride, strap in and have a frolicking time.

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Bungee Ejecter
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Kiddie Train Ride
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Ranger Ride
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Break Dance
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Frisbee Coaster

Bungee Ejecter
Kiddie Train Ride
Break Dance
Frisbee Coaster

Buckle Up & Try the Thrill Rides!

Here, you can board gentle rides to high-intensity rides which are not just safe but a fun riot. Some are sure to give you an adrenaline rush and make you scream at the top of your voice at every turn and others would just swing your spirit into ecstasy.


As a set of moving cars spin around one rotating disk, it’s time to twirl, swirl and scream in joy.


It’s like a gentle-moving merry-go-round. This classic ride takes children and adults alike galloping around in circles on decked up horses.


Experience the real thrill of steering and driving a vehicle. As you hit the other cars on the track, you bounce and have a rocking good time!

Bull Ride
Adventure Ride


The circular ride spins in both directions; while simultaneously the centre shaft takes the riders up and down in a pendulum motion.


As the arms swing upwards and rock back and forth on an angle giving riders not only an anti-gravity sensation but the ultimate thrill!


Guests get into pods and move in a circular motion and suddenly one pod or the other goes up and down, making the riders feel as though they are soaring up the air.


The circular motion ride is absolute fun, as it twirls the guests around horizontally and fluctuates in spiny waves.

Ranger Ride
Film City Tour

Tour behind the scenes of the Film Studio to explore Tollywood & Bollywood’s most famous backlot in the world’s largest Film City.