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Dadajinn's Ark

Dadajinn sailed the seven seas in his ark. On his return, he anchored his ark at Fundustan and housed it with the latest playing gadgets and exciting video games. So when you battle things out, battle it out the tech way!

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Wonderville: Toyland

Childhood and toys are synonymous with each other. Dadajinn has made Wonderville envisaging this inevitable part of childhood

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Enter Asia’s first interactive walkthrough of scare – the evil magician’s workshop. Experience some "Spine-chilling paranormal phenomenon spread across. The 7,200 sq. ft. maze of mystery will curdle any brave-heart’s blood, for the first time".

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Thrillville Rides

A tender spirited soul’s ride to ecstasy starts here, and the journey completes where all one wants is a little more, always.

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Enthraller: Dome Amphitheatre

Live performances, dances and shows capture the fantasies of kids and families alike.

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Ballerina Fount - Dancing Fountain

The Ballerina Fount sprinkles water in a way that creates magic for kids who love to dance!

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Presto Magic Toyshop

Don’t miss your kid’s favourite merchandise at this magical toyshop

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Timberland: Play Zone

Tell us where Red Riding Hood loved playing. It’s at the woods! To give you a similar experience, Dadajinn collected all the wood that he could lay his hands on and used his extraordinary carpentry skills and imagination to create a wonderful play zone.

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