Band Baaja Baraat

Soaked in tradition, bonding over food and unwinding through music, a marriage ceremony thrives of a few indispensables!

the wedding

Musical Shows: Let The Music Play

Every time one thinks of marriage, bedazzling moments of naach-gaana become an indispensable entity. Ghazals, rock performances, film orchestra or DJ night, your feet shall keep tapping.

Rituals: Grand Celebration

Traditions have always been an integral part of marriage. Traditions bring with them a set of values. Values that are learnt in the past, values that are taught in the future. We juxtapose it all, in the right blend during your marriage.

Tying The Knot: The Big Fat Wedding

Imagine this: A red carpet entry with showers of flowers marking your every step. While the music of love fills the air, fireworks write your lovely tale of marriage across the skyline and seated on an elephant, you make a dashing entry to tie the knot of life. Can it get any grander than this? We shall make your wedding a larger than life affair.

Choreographed Skits: Reel Magic In The Real World

A night which promises fun is incomplete without a musical fiesta. From rock concerts to traditional musical shows, we have enough at our end to mesmerize the crowd. For the bride and the groom, we have a special extravaganza. Our skilled team can choreograph a Bollywood concert where the dulha-dulhan plays the leading pair thus recreating the reel magic in the real world with the bride and the groom as the cynosure of attraction.


That moment, when one leaves her comfort zone to find another. That moment when one leaves many behind in tears to spread smiles on faces she finds ahead. The moment of parting from the known world to know another. In that moment of Bidaai, we create a solemn procession draped in the palanquins of warmth.

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