Discovering each other, discovering love

A candle light evening where music is the food of love, Ramoji redefines serenity for a newly-wed couple. Before you set for an exotic island for your dream honeymoon, break the ice at Ramoji.


Through The Archives

One day when you and your partner will be old, walking yourselves to an empty bench in the park out-side your home to soak in the drifting afternoon, you will rest yourself on his shoulders pointing out life in bits and pieces. A life of togetherness, a life of ups and downs. But the moment which will make your old heart come back to youth, will be the nervous moments of meeting for the first time, of discovering each other.

Your Love Becomes A Love Story

There are innumerable moments when you fantasized yourself to be your favourite Bollywood hero, wooing your love the way he does. Every time, your favourite romantic song played onscreen, your beloved always crossed your mind. You often wished your life were as beautiful as those films. At Ramoji Film City, this hidden wish can come alive. Your favourite romantic movie scene and song can be cut out and recreated with you and your beloved taking the centre stage

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