Food and beverages

We believe the way to one’s heart leads through the stomach and hence, our dining services will allow the families to bond over food. So when you read ‘Tina bua ka dal tadka’ or ‘Sharda Chachi ka moong halwa’ on the menu card you are introduced to your in laws right away! Most attend marriages, remember marriages and talk about marriages for the food served to them! We put our best efforts here.

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Customised Menus

Let the bonding of the two families start at the dining table. Let the way to each other’s heart lead through the stomach. A little innovation from our chef’s end can make you bond with your in-laws. So when you see dishes like ‘Tina bua ka dal tadka’ or ‘Chicken-mummy special’ on the menu card, you have taken the course to the heart through the stomach.

Experienced Chefs

When experienced hands and novel ideas come together, a platter of magic can be expected on the table. At Ramoji Film City, our chefs have been in business for years, filling in the taste buds of guests since decades. Clubbed with young minds specialised in variety of food items and garnishing, they with their delicacies will leave your mouths watering, literally!

Thematic Services

It’s not just the food, the way it is served matters immensely. Passionate about the culinary arts, we are always eager to experiment with presentation styles and techniques to give your guests the exact look and feel they envision.

Elegant Cutlery

A grand shamiana, apt coloured-light placed at the right spaces, matching linen and curtains enveloping the place with tableware, cutlery and glassware meticulously decorated. All this make up for a pleasurable dining experience.

Dine With Some Wine

Vintage wine, best scotch and colourful fleet of mocktails and cocktails. While you sip in each moment of magic, we shall ensure that you also sip in bliss. A glass of joy shall always accompany you which will stand as a metaphor for the bliss of marriage.

Dishes From Across The Globe

From authentic fish curry from Bengal to Delhi’s signature golgappe, from mouth watering butter chicken of Punjab to Kerala’s popular Malabar biryani- you name it and we have it. Be it Indian, Oriental, Continental, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, American, etc. we open a world of culinary delights for your guests.

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