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Dose of Adventure

Adventure is the breath of the youth. It's all about roughing it out in the wild terrain and gets a sense of pure thrills and recreation. The aim is to bring out the best in you and make you a real product of Nature rippling with raw energy. For senior students, Sahas presents a safe and rewarding experience.

You can be a pirate shooting arrows and bike up in mountains, also crawl and swing the land of webs, ride the roaring ATV, get into jumbo Zorb suit for friendly duel - all in the challenging rough-terrain of Sahas.

Experience age-appropriate on-the-edge thrills and tackle exciting challenges at the - Asia's finest adventure land. The activities here have been designed to foster team spirit and bring out the courageous self and boost the morale. The risk-averse arrangements have been made with special protective gear. All the activities are pursued here with safety measures in place and in the presence of experts, specially trained guides and instructors.


For Inquisitive Minds

Ramoji Film City offers fun-filled and action-packed school excursions beyond the four walls of classrooms. The hub of entertainment is where the fun learning takes place.