Thematic Events

Pirate Theme

You have seen Johnny Depp at his humourous best in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Do you want to live like him and his crew, while with your colleagues on an office tour? Difficult to imagine right? At Ramoji Film City, it is very much possible!

Cowboy Theme

The boring Excel sheets, the billing forms, presentations for client can be taxing! But what if you look above your laptop screen and see all the workmates dressed as cowboys? A taxing life can be fun, only if you are at Ramoji Film City.

Space Theme

Think of your boss and his cabin door that makes you think twice before you knock it. Now imagine the same boss wearing a space suit. Alters the situation completely no? Come, experience the unexpected work life at Ramoji Film City.

Bollywood Theme

An event at Ramoji Film City, without the touch of movies is not possible. We give a celluloid touch to the corporate events held here.

Customised Theme

While we have other themes like Mughal, Carnival, Jungle, Darbar, etc. at our disposal, you can come up with the craziest ideas. Your ideas will find space in our execution!

Army Theme

They say work needs discipline. While we completely agree to this, we also believe that all work no play makes Jack a dull boy! Discipline and fun is well merged at Ramoji Film City. Our ‘army theme’ will see you and your boss dressed in uniform (the epitome of discipline) merrily talking business.

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