Celebrations at Ramoji Film City!

Be it commemorative parties, family get-togethers, functions or big-ticket parties, here all the elements of a grand celebration come together for an experience to remember. Come and craft your own personal retreat and experience celebrations rich and distinct in flavour. Ramoji Film City offers a palette of choices with finest venues, wide-ranging themes, outstanding ambience and alluring backdrop – to create lasting memories. The multi-hued celebrations are hoisted here with indulgent passion and flair for flamboyance.


Be it birthday celebration of your bundle of joy or newly-minted 21-year old or greeting the roaring 30s or just turning the leaf of another year – here it calls for much more than just blowing one more candle. Add a zing to your birthday at Ramoji Film City, treating yourself a fabulous holiday with loved ones. Here, you don’t have to give a miss to anything – cakes, yummy food or music. Let the gorgeous backdrop, grand ballrooms, and themed parties with props, cuisine and shopping come together to create the fond memories to cherish. You can plan an itinerary with activities for engagement and recreation so that everybody knows what are up for grabs.


It’s a throwback to the splendid shared moments. Make it a day with parties, presents, flowers and fireworks, as you relive the beautiful memories, express gratitude and cement the bond. As you celebrate, the best way to make it memorable is to revive those nostalgic memories and compliment them with something unique and exciting and of course in an exotic destination. Hosted in the sprawling locales, the milestone events become affairs-to-remember. Wrap your anniversaries with grandeur in the dazzling ambience. Our event planners would present you special themes and activities to enrich the texture of celebration.


Reminisce those glorious days; as you reconnect with your batch mates with great fervor. Host your alumni and reunion meet at Ramoji Film City; recreating the excitement and energy of the campus and the magnificent ambience as a bonus. It’s where you can celebrate and refresh old ties, look forward to the new ones and stay connected with the Alma mater. Our dedicated team of event professionals would help you pull off the most amazing reunion here, as you chat, dance, enthral and immerse.


The engagement party at Ramoji Film City is surreal and nothing short of picture-perfect. It’s where the memory of a blissful life together takes off on the glitzy note! From rustic to exotic design elements to foliage arches and aisles blended excellently with lyrical venues and mind-blowing themes and décor would create the magical vibes to charm the duo. If you want your engagement to be very special and portray the intricate mood most eloquently, Ramoji Film City is the place to be!


Baby Shower is all about greeting the newest member of the family with excitement. It’s when families come together to celebrate and cherish the maternity and arrival of the baby; as wishes and blessings are showered for the mother-to-be.

Ramoji Film City with rich event-based experience, unwavering focus on the rituals, attention to every detail and flawless execution turns these customary ceremonies into abiding experiences.


The ceremonials are deep rooted in our traditions, bringing families and friends together for a collective rejoicing. Be it godhbaraee, half saree function or dhoti function etc. Ramoji Film City is ideal for celebrating every transition in life and every stride one takes that is noteworthy. With extraordinary locales and themed ideas, it leaves no stone unturned while hosting ceremonies that are elaborate, rich in texture and high on warmth.