Vasundhara Villa

A Family Gateaway

It is located in the midst of fruit orchards. The villa carved into the blissful green oasis luxuriates in a unique setting. The serene ambiance and lush nature is blended here to offer the comfort of modern-day amenities – an antidote to the busy city life.

Vasundhara Villa Rooms

Vasundhara Villa offers the utmost comfort in a truly spectacular setting. Far from the pressures of urban living, the private six-bedroom villa offers unique modern accommodation in the midst of thriving fruit orchards with a low-carbon footprint. The lush green oasis ensuring freshness is a pristine family getaway with birds chirping and peacock rustling. Excellent for stress-busting get-togethers!

Amenities & Services

Swimming Pool
Wi-Fi included
Fitness center
Health Club
No pets allowed
No pets allowed