Corporate Affairs Incorporated In A Friendly Atmosphere

If you are a believer of the saying, ‘work and play go hand in hand’, we shall testify your belief system. Every time work has a possibility of shifting from the four walls of the office, bring it to Ramoji Film City. Come, experience Meetings and Events, the centre-stage for your work-place Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions. At Ramoji Film City, while seminars and client meets are conducted at one end, strengthening your company’s fortunes, you can also unwind yourself with your family with a variety of vacation options flung open for you. Amidst our exotic gardens, experimental locations and adventure-filled surroundings, work will seem less tedious and more fun.

thematic events

Pirate Theme

You have seen Johnny Depp at his humourous best in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Do you want to live like him and his crew, while with your colleagues on an office tour? Difficult to imagine right? At Ramoji Film City, it is very much possible!

Cowboy Theme

The boring Excel sheets, the billing forms, presentations for client can be taxing! But what if you look above your laptop screen and see all the workmates dressed as cowboys? A taxing life can be fun, only if you are at Ramoji Film City.

Space Theme

Think of your boss and his cabin door that makes you think twice before you knock it. Now imagine the same boss wearing a space suit. Alters the situation completely no? Come, experience the unexpected work life at Ramoji Film City.

Army Theme

They say work needs discipline. While we completely agree to this, we also believe that all work no play makes Jack a dull boy! Discipline and fun is well merged at Ramoji Film City. Our ‘army theme’ will see you and your boss dressed in uniform (the epitome of discipline) merrily talking business.

Bollywood Theme

An event at Ramoji Film City, without the touch of movies is not possible. We give a celluloid touch to the corporate events held here.

Customised Theme

While we have other themes like Mughal, Carnival, Jungle, Darbar, etc. at our disposal, you can come up with the craziest ideas. Your ideas will find space in our execution!


Team Building

Every time one thinks of conducting team building exercises, motivational speeches and group assignments come to mind. But does that help you form a good team? Why not indulge in more actions and less talking. Ramoji Film City offers a first-hand experience in team building: Sahas. So imagine all of you teamed up in a game of paintball. An exciting blend of planning, strategy, execution, team work, and action - isn’t that enough to form a formidable team?

Product Launch

You have a product, we have the place. Every time you want the world to know about it, Ramoji Film City will do the talking for you with a cinematic touch added to it!

Dealers' meet

Two parties, one encounter and an act of bonding! Things can’t get more dramatic, and we love drama! Make your dealers' meet, a larger-than-life event with us!

Conferences/ Workshops

At Ramoji Film City, see your corporate get-together come to life! Allow the splendid backdrops to jazz up the mood and stimulate creativity in your brainstorming sessions!

Special Events

If the brains behind cinema at Ramoji Film City can skillfully craft a spectacular magical world, can’t the same minds bring a refreshing touch to your corporate events? Be here to witness it yourself!

Customised Events

Every time you have a theme in mind, we have the expertise to turn it into reality. Our exotic locales range from natural settings of a garden to urban set up of a foreign city. From archaic structures of the medieval age to the most modern day décor, we have it all. While the concept is all yours, let the onus of execution be on us!


A little music, a star-studded performance or retro concert adds the required fervor to the otherwise mundane corporate meet. We have it all- DJ night, orchestra night, karaoke, mujra, qawali, magic show, fashion shows, screen awards, reality shows, talent hunt show, IPL- the list is unending.


With the Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket has attained a brand value. The cheerleaders, award functions, auctions, and ceremonies package the sport's spirit beyond the matches. Ramoji Film City plays a perfect host to these events helping the game attain the brand value it presently enjoys.

Fashion Show

They say the perfect blend of models, the music, the lights and the heavenly attire designed by some of the best in the business can set the ramp on fire. Ramoji Film City makes it a point to set the perfect theme for fashion shows helping the models to flaunt the best designed clothes while they are on a ‘ramp’age!

Movie Awards

Get to see your favourite actors’ unseen side when they perform live for the audience on an award ceremony night. With the digs taken by the anchor, the ravishing performances on stage and the emotions that flow after a victory, Ramoji Film City sets the stage perfectly for a successful potboiler.

entertainment options

Street Shows

For any kind of special celebration, Street Shows form a big part of the attraction. The scintillating sights, sounds, colours and costumes compliment the texture of celebration. As colourful themed floats hit the dream avenues, the peasantry and procession mark the special occasion and accentuate the mood!

Wild West Stunt Show

The Wild West themed stunt show is an action-packed drama with guns, bad guys and damsels in distress. Watch our heroes dodge bullets, whips, lassos and punches while the ladies in the drama help them out in tackling the bad guys.

Spirit Of Ramoji

An all-in-one variety daily program with dancers, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and other amazing performers from all over the country. From gymnastics to hoop-dancing, this exciting colourful show is truly wide-ranging.

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