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Rainbow, Ramoji Film City's fully automated world-class film lab, processes both colour and black & white films. The air-conditioned, dust-free lab is equipped with the state-of-the-art submerged processors and the latest BHP printers with wet gate.
Rainbow's modern infrastructure is augmented by the expertise of technicians with impressive industry experience. Support services include ultra-sonic cleaning and coating. The facility's services include Negative Processing, Rush Printing, Dupe Negative, Interpositives, Negative Cutting and Release Printing. Support services range from ultrasonic cleaning to coating.
Our unmatched services and technological capabilities - which make Rainbow the only lab in India to offer integrated solutions of international-standards - have attracted some of most discerning filmmakers. For example, the Oscar-nominated Lagaan and the internationally acclaimed Chokher Bali were among the many highly-regarded films to be processed here.
To meet the expectations of our discriminating clients, we have installed state-of the-art machines that generate output matching international benchmarks:
Picture Negative Processing - 3000 feet per hour
Sound Negative Processing - 3000 feet per hour
Black & White Picture Processing - 3000 feet per hour
Positive Processing (Print Processing); Four machines - 12000 feet per hour per machine
One Wet Printing machine - 120/180 feet per minute
Two Dry Printing machines
Capacity of the first machine - 120, 180, 240, 480 feet per minute
Capacity of the second machine - 120, 180, 240, 480, 960 feet per minute
To assess output quality, Rainbow provides filmmakers with a fully equipped Inspection Station and a Preview Theatre. To be able to study the rushes just hours after shooting is a great convenience for filmmakers, creating more time – and thereby enhancing the scope for creative flexibility.
The overarching concern of Rainbow’s work regime is to accord the greatest care to your negatives. The staff is conscious of the fact that the darkened strips in their care encapsulate the most glowing statements of human genius.
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