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Symphony is one of the world's most advanced digital audio post-production facilities. It is the only unit of its kind in India to provide a fully networked environment. Offering the finest acoustic spaces and equipped with sophisticated software and hardware, Symphony facilitates the entire range of audio post-production. This technological marvel has been created by John Flynn and Sam Tayoshima of the London-based Acoustic Design Group.
One of the world's first Harrison MPC-2 powered by IKIS software digital mixing console is commissioned at this state-of-the-art facility. And the latest Fairlight DREAM digital audio workstations are installed throughout the complex.
Symphony's embrace of cutting-edge technology demonstrates just one aspect of its commitment to offer the best to filmmakers. That is why, when the unit was being set up, we also consciously factored in the premise that sound in film is an eloquent expression of human artistry. This recognition is reflected in Symphony's structure: in contrast with the norm, the striking building, established amid lush tranquillity, was designed around state-of-the-art studios.
Indeed, every detail of Symphony has been carefully envisioned and built from scratch after years of sustained research on filmmakers' audio post-production needs.
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