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Ramoji Film City’s full-fledged transport department has been created with the express purpose of providing comprehensive logistical support to filmmakers. Highly trained and experienced professionals – from automobile engineers to chauffeurs – manage every aspect of the department’s functions.

RFC’s transport wing has an extraordinarily diverse collection of vehicles – of different eras and models – to serve a range of needs. From auto rickshaws, trucks and buses to motorcycles and imported automobiles, we can provide you with the vehicle of your choice. The fleet comprises picture vehicles for such filming situations as chase sequences, car crashes and explosions.

A wide range of automobiles are available for commuting purposes. Separate vehicles, of various types to suit varied purposes, have been apportioned for commuting within the RFC campus. The department is fully equipped to offer all logistics solutions, such as carrying out of hassle-free airport/railway station transfers of large crews and also of heavy filmmaking equipment. The transport department functions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can respond to your need at any time within a moment’s notice.

Regardless of the service that you choose to use, the professionals at RFC’s transport wing are trained to respond to your need with utmost courtesy and efficiency.