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To illuminate your action in gripping vividness, Ramoji Film City offers the full complement of lights. The exceptional range provided by RFC's modern lighting unit includes flicker-free HMIs (.575kW to 18kW), shadow casters, Tungsten (100 Watts to 5000 Watts), ARRI PAR and Kinoflos.
As with all RFC departments, the lighting division is managed by efficient personnel with significant industry exposure. So from the paperwork stage while expediting bookings, to on-location operational assistance, our trained professionals serve you with courtesy and skill.
The human expertise of the lighting department is augmented by its infrastructure. Indeed RFC's extraordinary inventory spans such categories as Incandescent Lights, Soft Lights, Cool Lights, Miscellaneous Lights, Intelligent Lights, Stage Lights and Decorative Lights. Each category comes with its own supporting set of accessories.
This combination of professional talent and resource strength enables us to help you find radiant expression to your bright film ideas.
HMI Lights with FF and Magnetic Ballast
PAR Lights
Kino Flo Lights
Incandescent Lights (Tungsten)
Soft Lights
Open Face Lights
Cool Lights
Lighting Kit
Miscellaneous Lights
Intelligent Lights - Stage Lighting
Decorative Lighting