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If you are particularly discerning about the kind of camera you use, it is wholly understandable. Camera is indeed the refined instrument that allows you to record your most passionate thoughts on celluloid. To help you capture your imagination on film with clarity and persuasive force, RFC's Camera Department offers top-end camera equipment (film and video) and accessories. The department is a fully equipped and independent unit, and its operational systems have been optimised to serve the needs of international filmmakers.
We provide a range of 35mm film cameras including ARRI 535B, 435ES, ARRIFLE III, IIC. We also offer optics from Carl Zeiss, Cooke in spherical and Kowa, Hawk and ARRI Scope in Cinema Scope. Ramoji Film City's camera department is fully equipped to handle SUPER 35 shooting as well.
For video shoots you can choose from Digital Beta, Beta Cam SP, DVC PRO 25 and 50 MBPS. Ramoji Film City has the technological capability to facilitate live recording for both video and film.
The state-of-the-art technology of RFC's camera department is complemented by its employees' skill and experience. Our professionals leverage their highly evolved proficiency - sharpened over long and rewarding years in the industry - to offer you a range of technical support services.
From troubleshooting to regular maintenance of cameras, these experts ensure that your shooting schedule proceeds with picture-perfect satisfaction.
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