Work Meets Fun

Your work doesn’t allow you to take your family to vacation? Make your work vacation then. Ramoji makes this juxtaposition possible. When we say corporate event, what picture comes to your mind? Suit-clad individuals, an unsaid decorum and a few boring speeches right? Your notion of a corporate will change drastically once, you attend one at Ramoji. After sitting through a seminar for hours, just walk into the Ramoji towers, where artificial seismic tremors will beat the stress in the most playful way. Your child can explore the magical world of Borusura and your wife can shop her heart out at Meena Bazaar making your corporate endeavor unexpectedly a lifetime family memory. From conferences to Fundustan, from dealer meets to Filmy Duniya, when all comes under one roof, there is little one can complain about his work.

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Street Shows

For any kind of special celebration, Street Shows form a big part of the attraction. The scintillating sights, sounds, colours and costumes compliment the texture of celebration. As colourful themed floats hit the dream avenues, the peasantry and procession mark the special occasion and accentuate the mood!

Wild West Stunt Show

The Wild West themed stunt show is an action-packed drama with guns, bad guys and damsels in distress. Watch our heroes dodge bullets, whips, lassos and punches while the ladies in the drama help them out in tackling the bad guys.

Spirit Of Ramoji

An all-in-one variety daily program with dancers, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and other amazing performers from all over the country. From gymnastics to hoop-dancing, this exciting colourful show is truly wide-ranging.

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